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Sometimes in life you get to see God put the pieces together in ways you would not imagine.  I love to travel, like the UK and enjoy serving others and going on mission trips.  When I met Rob and Gaynor Jones during their visit to Wedgwood Baptist church in 2011 all of those interests fell together.  As I got to know them and listen to their vision for Wales, I knew I wanted to be a part of what God had in store for Wedgwood there. I have grown to love the people of Wales and especially the ACTS church.  I love the graciousness and warmth of the Welsh people.  They are as beautiful as the countryside around them. 

A group of 7 from Wedgwood traveled to Wales in 2013.  We met members of the ACTS church and spent time visiting with teachers from Tylorstown Primary school.  This past summer, a team of 20 from Wedgwood and Hillcrest Baptist painted a fence, renewed relationships and helped host a Texas bar-b-cue.  We also helped with “Messy church” and the 6th grade leavers ceremony.  I look forward to more times of working and serving along with the sweet people at the ACTS church.

I took this picture the first year Wedgwood came to Wales. 
I was in the car with Rob Jones and two other Wedgwood team members as we were driving from Tylorstown to Cardiff for the day.  I have no idea where we were because I was completely turned around that year.  I had to come home and look at a map to figure out where we had been!  I took the picture because I liked all the houses lining the street.  They typify the Rhondda valley to me.

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