Garrison Loveday

Garrison is now home in the USA and being coached by MLW

“Before I went on the internship, I didn’t know what it was like to be completely free in Christ. I never thought I could really serve God, or make any kind of impact, just being who I was. I felt like I had to be different, or act more like someone else in order to do something that mattered. The Caleb course showed me that the gifts I have, although different from others’ gifts, are just as important. God can still use them to do big things. Just as He can use a missionary or evangelist, He can also use me. Through the Caleb course, I took a closer look at what gifts God has given me and the things He has blessed me with that make me unique. Seeing the truth about yourself isn’t always easy, but it was definitely worth it. Although the process of change isn’t comfortable, I will always be grateful for the ways that Missional Links Wales and the Caleb course encouraged me to stop settling for a mediocre life.”