Missional Links Wales (MLW) is a limited company and a core partner with Evangelical Alliance, Wales. We seek to support and facilitate mission in Wales through Welsh and USA church partnerships, interns, missionaries, consultants and teachers.

Our Charitable Objects

1.     To advance the Christian faith in Wales and beyond, for the benefit of the public, in accordance with the Evangelical Alliance Basis of Faith.

2.     The relief of poverty, and the promotion of good health and well-being, for the benefit of the public, particularly those in need in Wales, by accessing local services, goods and resources.

Our Purpose

  • to facilitate long-term partnerships between Welsh and American Churches …
  • to effectively advance our charitable objects …
  • via multiplying Christian churches, communities and individuals across the nation …
  • that are actively benefiting their local neighbourhoods.

Our Specific Objectives

1.     To inspire Welsh Churches to work together as a ‘hub of transformation’, to bring lasting spiritual and community transformation to their county.

2.     To network with and inspire Churches in the USA to follow the call of God to mission in all the world, specifically in Wales, and to commit to working in long-term partnership with a local ‘hub’ of Welsh Churches.

3.     To match specific USA Churches with specific Welsh Churches, and to support them in establishing multi-ministry, multi-access models of mission that address the local needs.

4.     To provide on-going support, missional training and consultancy to the Welsh and USA Churches involved, utilising projects such as:

  • One week vision trips
  • One week mission experiences
  • USA Interns (18-25yrs old)
  • USA Missionaries (26-55 yrs old)
  • USA Consultants (55+)
  • USA Senior Leaders/Pastors/Teachers

Legal Status

  • Missional Links Wales is a Limited Company (No: 8820455), registered on 19 December 2013, with charitable objects as above, to advance the Christian faith in Wales and provide significant individual and social benefits to communities in Wales.
  • Missional Links Wales’ Directors are currently: Rev Rob Burns and Rob Jones
  • Missional Links Wales also has a wider Advisory Network in Wales, England and USA including:  Rev Elfed Godding, Dr Paul Hocking, Prof Rob Crouch (OBE), Dr Mark Fenn and Rev Jeff Laster