Evangelical Alliance Wales is an umbrella organisation and represents the evangelical Christians, churches and organisations to the Welsh Assembly Government, and to the Media.

The vision strap line of the Evangelical Alliance is ‘Better Together’, and its mission is ‘to present Christ credibly, through proclamation and demonstration of the Gospel’. In this, it acts as a voice to the Government and the Media and also resources churches and networks to work together in evangelism and in community transformation.

Our Vision

‘Better Together’

Our Mission

To present Christ credibly through the proclamation and demonstration of the Gospel through:

  • A voice to Government and the Media
  • Good news, mobilising Christians to work together in evangelism
  • Good works, mobilising Christians to work together in community transformation

Our Inspiring Imagination

1. Imagine Church

We believe change starts with the Church. A transformed society will see:

  • A Church which graciously serves the spiritual needs of those around it – free to join in the public debate with confidence; listening, asking questions and offering a gospel of hope.
  • A Church which humbly serves the social needs of those around it – loving constantly, peacemaking and seeking justice for the oppressed.
  • A Church which selflessly serves the physical needs of those around it – giving generously and caring unconditionally.

2. Imagine Communities

  • Imagine all over Wales, in communities large and small, Christian leaders (church and others) are meeting together to pray and to plan. They are committed to working together, to see their communities transformed spiritually, socially, physically.
  • Each community across Wales will look very different, but the Church is at work, actively seeking the well-being of their village, town and city. The Church is at work in their neighbourhoods, places of employment, education, in local councils and health authorities. In every area of community possible the Church, through its people, is there.
  • Each community is a ‘hub of transformation’, working where Christian witness exists and catalysing it where it doesn’t.

3. Imagine our Nation (Wales and the UK)

  • Imagine Wales-wide and UK-wide organisations, through campaigns and coalitions, with all their gifts, skills and resources, passionately committed and working collaboratively together to support a grassroots movement of the Church.
  • Imagine as a Wales/UK Alliance catalysing and facilitating the bringing together of organisations to form coalitions to serve the ‘hubs of transformation’.

4. Imagine a movement

  • Imagine a movement, passionate to see transformation across Wales and the UK – we preach it, teach it, write it and model it.
  • Imagine a movement that is relationally well connected and trusted, modelling servant leadership with strong relationships.
  • Imagine a movement that plans strategically and endeavours to hear from God
  • Imagine a movement that makes a unique contribution to helping others to play their part in seeing Wales and the UK impacted by the gospel
Missional Links Wales supports and agrees with the Evangelical Alliance Basis of Faith.

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