What the interns say…

“Every day the Missional Links Wales internship is an opportunity to be on mission and see God at work.  Getting to join in means living alongside and serving with the local churches and communities to see people step closer to Jesus.”
Alex 2017/18

“I am so thankful for my time as a Missional Links Wales intern.  While I was with them my faith grew immensely, I built long-lasting relationships, and was immersed in the lovely Welsh culture.”
Kayla 2016/17

“Living in Wales as an intern for Missional Links Wales stretched me further than I have ever been stretched.  It was a time of growth and trust and I quickly came to love Wales and everything about it.  I look back daily and thank God for the opportunity he gave me to be part of something spectacular.”
Brinsley 2017

“I’m so excited to see how the different things I’ve learned about myself, while serving as an intern with Missional Links Wales, will impact whatever I do next.   I am excited to see whatever God has in store.”
Hannah 2018/19

“The experience of being able to do God’s work in an environment different to what you’re used to is incredible.  The impact you get to make in peoples lives and the joy of seeing people respond to someone from a different culture is amazing.  This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that I wouldn’t want to miss for the world and I’m thankful for the Welsh community for being so welcoming to me.”
Landon 2017/18

“Missional Links Wales is such an amazing organisation that is dedicated to spreading the gospel throughout Wales.  It has been such a great opportunity working with the local churches and communities and sharing God’s love with the people I’ve encountered.”
Abby 2017/18 & 2018/19

“During my time in Wales with Missional Links Wales I have learned a lot about myself and my relationship with God, and I have been able to work in different ministries I would never have tried working in before.  It has been challenging and I have grown immensely because of it.”
Josh 2017/18


What church leaders say about interns…

“It was so great to have Kayla and Brinsley working with us, encouraging and mentoring our young people…a big thank you on behalf of our church for all that you do that enabled us to have them with us for a year.”
Pastor Jon Davis, Dinas Powys Baptist Church

“Our Missional Links Wales interns have all been different and brought their own unique gift mix to us.  For example, last year, Kayla was able to build friendships with women footballers through her skills in that area and this year, Landon brings some very practical skills into the church and compassion ministries.  They have all played an important role in youth work and other ministries for which we are very grateful.”
Pastor Mike Holmes, Coastlands Family Church

“On a very positive note, I want to thank you for placing Alex with us – he is better than you made out (if that’s possible!).  Really, he is such a blessing, and works so well with Raf, our full-time youth worker.  I was in a joint churches charity Trustees meeting last night and a couple of the other trustees were singing his praises, in terms of just being able to give him stuff and let him get on with it.  He’s engaging, respectful, eager to help and has well grounded faith.  Everyone says the same, so thank you and sorry for being so gushing.  God bless you guys.”
Pete Tyler, Church Leader, Gateway Church