With evangelical Christianity at less than 2% of the population of 3 million, the heady days of the 1904 Revival are long gone.

Wales is once again a mission field in extreme need of strategic help and support from outside of its borders. Missional Links Wales (MLW), a core partner of the Evangelical Alliance Wales, seeks to support and initiate this process.

  • We exist to initiate partnerships between Welsh and USA churches
  • We exist to facilitate ongoing missional relationships
  • We exist to provide ongoing support, coaching, missional training and consultancy to Welsh and USA churches
  • We are a core partner of the Evangelical Alliance, Wales

To achieve our purpose, Missional Links Wales delivers a series of mission opportunities.  Follow this link for further details


In a nutshell, we would love to see…

  • Welsh churches working together across their counties in unity and missional purpose
  • Overseas (especially American) churches supporting a county wide and nationwide vision to bring spiritual transformation to the nation of Wales
  • Long term, mutually beneficial relationships between overseas and Welsh churches
  • Multi – ministry and multi access models of mission that mobilise overseas Christians and give them an opportunity to match their God given abilities with the many needs existing in Wales