We want you to have a life changing year on your internship!

You may know exactly what sort of ministry God is calling you to do, or you may want to try out loads of different things to see which is “the one”.

Either way, we will do whatever we can to give you an internship that challenges you, helps you grow, lets you use your gifts, passions and personality, and above all inspires you. Working alongside some active local churches, you will help to bring God’s transforming power to individuals and communities which is our passion and vision as the MLW team

We design your ‘Hands Placement’ looking at your gifts and skills from your application form and matching them the best we can to the needs of the Core Church and the supporting churches within your placement county.


Here are just a few examples:

Children’s Work

Create relevant, fun, biblical material for Sunday schools, after school clubs, and assemblies, leaving kids eager for the next instalment. You’ll learn how to be creative, child-friendly and vibrant in your work with 4-11 year olds!

Youth Work

Work with young people from a variety of backgrounds in a range of different settings: on the streets, in clubs, in school, mentoring one-to-one. This is challenging, inspiring and life-changing work!

Schools Work

Promote God’s Kingdom values to young people in high schools. Help lead assemblies, produce resources for pupils and get involved in presentations or lead a lunch-time Christian Union.


Take Jesus to the lost in whatever age-group or social group you are passionate about in a way that suits your gifts and personality. Get involved with courses such as Alpha for enquirers or reach out in a cross-cultural setting.

Music Ministry

Use your musical gifts to lead others in worship, helping them connect with God. Be part of the dedicated teams within a number of different local churches.

Sports Ministry

Use sport for ministry and evangelism to reach people where they’re at, doing what they love, in the name of the God you love.

Community Regeneration

Let God use your talents, whatever they may be, in the Welsh valleys – an area with high unemployment and little hope for the future…where God is on the move!

Pastoral Work

Visit the sick or the elderly, get alongside parents with young children, etc. Look after those in need in any walk of life.


Lead people into God’s presence, to glorify Him! Whoever, wherever, whenever! Practice creative worship, teach and enable others, serve the body of Christ.

Social Action

Get alongside the homeless, help serve in the food banks…simply get alongside hurting people and serve them as Jesus would serve!

And lots more…

Wherever your heart is, whatever your skills are, we will do all we can to find you an outlet for them as a part of your internship. Student work, dance, graphic design, prayer, church-planting…we are open to suggestions!

It’s exciting when people begin an internship ready to dig deep and discover what God has for them.

There are a lot of people who join us expecting to go in one direction and end up being led by God to somewhere completely different!

This year is about so much more than what you do on a day to day basis. It’s about growing closer to God, listening to Him and becoming more like Jesus; making a real difference in the lives of individuals in Wales.