Welcome to Missional Links Internships!

We’re so pleased that you are interested in finding out more information about our internship opportunity. We hope the following brief details are helpful to give you a better idea about this exciting year and opportunity with us here in this small but beautiful nation of Wales!

You may already know what God is calling you to do in the future, or you simply may not have a clue what you want to do next!

Wherever you are at, an internship with MLW will challenge you and help you grow. You will use your gifts and skills in a practical way, as well as use your passion and personality to reach and serve people in Wales.

Have a listen to what our past and current interns have to say about their experience on our internship:

If you join us on our mission in Wales as an intern you’ll receive:

  • Accredited Leadership Training
  • A personal Mentor to invest in you (and take you out for coffee!)
  • The opportunity to work alongside a number of local churches and charities across the county where you are placed; working together to bring God’s transforming power to the people and communities of Wales!

Rob Burns has been involved in running internships in Wales for nearly 20 years. Through his relationships with churches in the USA he has been bringing interns into Wales for most of those years.

The internship is committed to a ‘Head, Hands, Heart’ philosophy and holistic learning process. Please click on the following links to find out more:

Fill your Head