To see Welsh and USA churches working together in unity and with determination and passion in a missional movement that brings spiritual transformation to the nation of Wales.


  • To see multi access models created for strategic USA Christians to be on mission in Wales for up to 11 months at a time.
  • To see multi ministry models created so that each county wide collaboration is unique and blends the many gifts and abilities of USA Christians with the needs of the county.
  • To see the impetus of a USA partnership, cause multiple Welsh churches to work closely together as ‘hubs of transformation’ across their county all the year round.
  • To see Welsh churches carrying the vision for missional movement forwards and as a result, a nation transformed.

Wales USA

Our Mission

We are committed to initiating, developing and empowering long term partnership collaborations between Welsh Churches and USA Churches who feel called by God to play a part in the spiritual transformation of the whole of Wales.

Our Values

  • We value integrity and honesty in all relationships
  • We value open and honest dialogue in our communication with others
  • We value creativity and imagination in ministry
  • We value cross cultural mission and its transformative effect on all involved
  • We value helping others discover unique purpose in mission
  • We value those needing a second chance – the poor and marginalised
  • We value the power of partnering to achieve more
  • We value long term, deep relationships