As the next phase of your internship, MLW are very pleased to be able to support you with coaching for another 5 months after you leave your placement in Wales.

Why is MLW support a good idea after leaving Wales?

  • Our interns experience the surprise of ‘reverse culture shock’ on returning home to the USA after a genuine life changing year in Wales.
  • The first 5 months back can be difficult, but we walk with you to navigate the changes and help you settle back into your home context.
  • Several of our MLW team have experienced the same thing as you, living and moving between Wales and the USA over 31 years. We understand the transition and challenge of settling back into your home nation.
  • Between July and December of your intern year, longer if you want to, we will coach you, support you, advise you and listen to you. We’ll help you to thrive again where you live.

This is what some of our past interns say: