Benefits to USA churches

All churches in the USA partnership have the benefit of:

  • Partnership with Missional Links Wales in a strategic, nationwide Wales/USA initiative
  • MLW will share with you its credibility, relationships and influence with Welsh churches
  • MLW will represent you in negotiations/relationship building with Welsh churches
  • MLW will match your church with appropriate churches in a Welsh County
  • MLW will closely support you in planning and hosting your first Welsh mission
  • MLW will provide preaching, training and mission consultancy for your churchMLW will provide on-going relationship and logistical support for the full duration of your long term partnership
  • MLW will communicate with you and support you through regular contact and annual visits to the USA
  • MLW will represent you through regular contact with partner churches in Wales
  • MLW will share with you its credibility and long term experience in finding and placing interns, missionaries and church planters with Welsh churches

These benefits all amount to hundreds of hours of unique, highly skilled work by the MLW team as they initiate, develop and support long-term partnerships in Wales. We aim to mobilise Welsh and American Christians and churches to play a part in spiritually transforming the nation of Wales.